33.5-inch Natural Hand Cuff Tie, 250-lb Tensile Strength, 25-Pack

TEK-TIESKU: 222261

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  • 250 Lbs Tensile Strength Nylon: The restraints are made of durable nylon with a tensile strength of 250 lbs, ensuring reliability in law enforcement and military applications.
  • Double Locking Mechanism: Featuring a double locking mechanism, the restraints allow for instant apprehension and provide an extra layer of security, preventing over-tightening.

  • Built-In ID Tab: Equipped with a built-in ID tab, the restraints facilitate easy identification and recording of essential information, such as date, time, or the arresting personnel.
  • Concealable Mode: The restraints offer a concealable mode, providing a tactical advantage in various situations and allowing for quick deployment when needed.
  • Non-Metal and Undetectable: Designed to be non-metal and undetectable, these restraints offer versatility while maintaining a discreet profile, suitable for a range of scenarios.
  • Disposable Option for Bleeding Subjects: With a disposable feature for dealing with bleeding subjects, the restraints provide a practical solution for situations requiring immediate and hygienic handling.

Our 33.5" long restraints, sold in packs of 25, boast a robust construction using 250 lbs tensile strength nylon, meeting rigorous standards for law enforcement and military apprehension applications. Designed for quick and precise control over suspects, these restraints feature a double locking mechanism, ensuring instant apprehension and preventing over-tightening. The built-in ID tab allows for easy identification, recording pertinent information such as date, time, or arresting personnel. With a concealable mode and the ability to be tightened in a matter of seconds, these restraints also offer a safety tip for double locking, enhancing security. Notably, the non-metal and undetectable nature of the restraints, along with a disposable option for dealing with bleeding subjects, makes them versatile and reliable tools in various scenarios. Additionally, the double-tooth lock provides extra strength, while subjects remain unable to tighten the cuffs on themselves. With multiple subject capacity and the option to use them as a hobble, these restraints offer a comprehensive solution for law enforcement needs.

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